Welcome to Nurturing Roots Montessori Singapore

Nurturing Roots believes in creating a dynamic learning environment where a child’s growth is nurtured through extreme dedication and love. With a belief that every child is unique, our Montessori educators embrace every child’s uniqueness and individuality to unleash their potential. Moreover, we also value social grouping and interaction in children to help them learn social skills.

At our Montessori preschool, your little ones are bestowed with the highest standard of personalized care and education in a playful and cheerful environment. Emphasis is placed on the overall development of every child – where not only intellectual but also physical, social and emotional aspects are deliberated.

Our Montessori school also involves kids in some activities that encourage family involvement. Considering ourselves as an extension of their family, we provide mutual support and love to your child in their learning journey.

What your child can get with our early years Montessori programme?

  • Safe, loving, warm and stimulating environment where your child feels confident.
  • Positive environment that infuses in them an eagerness to learn.
  • Creative educators who help in developing a positive self-image in kids.
  • Learning tools to help the child discover their potential.

Learn more about our Modern Montessori preschool with handbook for parents.

Parents Voice

Dear Teacher,

I take this opportunity to thank you and all Ananya’s teachers. It is her last day in school. I am very happy and grateful to all of you for making Ananya’s last few months an unforgettable experience in her school life and she is very proud to be a student of Nurturing Roots.

All the very best in all the school endeavours and our wishes too

Thank you & Best Regards
– Rashmi (13th Mar 14)

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